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Automatic Tandem Disc Shearing

  • Classification of the genus:0.1-5LRound Can production Line

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  • Release date:2018/10/10
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The machine is   applicable to cutting of small canner plates for cans of foodstuff.
Feeding Speed of Feeder Machine(piece/min)0~32(Frequency   control of motor speed)
Iron Cutting Speed (Speed of Feeding   Chain)(m/min)0~59
Application Range of Cutting Iron Sheet(mm)600~1150    600~1250
Thickness of Cutting Iron Sheet(mm)0.15~0.5
Min Width of Cut Iron Sheet(piece)1~6
Min Width of Horizontally Cut Iron Sheet(mm)

48(If   it is less than 48, tool apron needs to b

e replaced)

Total Unit Power(kw)5.45
Exterior Dimension of Machine (L*B*H))(mm)6650×3880×1530
Weight of Machine(kg)6700

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