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GT1B5B Can Slitting Machine

  • Classification of the genus:1-5L Rectangular Can Production Line

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  • Release date:2018/11/30
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Detailed introduction

Semi-automtaic tinplate slitting machine.jpg


Slitting machine is used to  massively  cut tinplate or other sheet iron for manufacturing the lid  and body of can and other similar metal packaging vessels.Semi-automtaic tinplate slitting machine 

Ⅱ.Major technical parameters:
Maximum thickness of sheet iron(mm)0.14-0.5
Maximum width of sheet iron(mm)1050-1300
Minimum width of sheet iron(mm)38
Motor power (kw)1.1-1.5
Size (mm) (1470)1720×1000×1100
Weight (kg) 1200-1400

Semi-automtaic tinplate slitting machine.jpg

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