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Automatic Feeding Double Head Ear Welder

  • Classification of the genus:10-25LConical Round Can production line

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  • Release date:2018/11/29
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Detailed introduction


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This equipment is used for laser  weld  positioning device , servo send  broken  paint  cans,  cylinder, more accurate in the position of welding, the welding effect  is more stable. Can be used to form a complete set of automatic production   line , the safety and smooth, efficient  production process. manual  tin can making machine

Ⅱ.Major technical   parameters
The power   supply work rate80 kva
The input   voltage, three phase four wire380 ~ 440 v
Frequency50, 60 HZ
Production   capacity25 ~ 30 cans per   minute
Applicable   tank diameter 220- 300
Apply high pot300 ~ 450 mm
Equipment net   weightabout 1800 kg
Dimension2100 * 1700 * 2100   (mm)

manual  tin can making machine.jpg

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